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Official Bike Provider of Swim for Alligator Lighthouse

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About Us

The 8-mile swim to Alligator Lighthouse is a challenge. It’s not for the faint of heart. This is tropical open water swimming in its purest form. Year after Year, people return for the epic adventure and deep sense of community that has made conquering Alligator Light a milestone in the sport.

Event team options include solo swimmer & kayaker and relays up to four, with relay team members alternating swimming and support kayaking

Special Rates

We offer unique pricing options for people participating in the race. Join now to get access to these deals. Some of the pricing deals we offer include:

Alligator Bike Discount







$55.00  $44.00

$165.00  $132.00

$275.00  $220.00

$385.00  $308.00


$35.00  $28.00

$105.00  $84.00

$175.00  $140.00

$245.00  $196.00


$25.00  $20.00
$75.00  $60.00
$125.00  $100.00
$175.00  $140.00

If you have questions or are ready to book your bike rental, reach out to us! We’re here to help you plan your adventure in the Florida Keys!